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Play Extreme Trucks 3

Extreme Trucks 3

Fans of truck games will surely dig the third installment in the Extreme Trucks series - Extreme Trucks III: Asia! First was...

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  • Play Monster Truck Demolisher

    Monster Truck Demolisher


    Monster Truck Demolisher is a demolition derby of a truck...

  • Play Truck Mania

    Truck Mania


    Truck Mania - this game brings you to a world...

  • Play Destructotruck



    Taking a HUGE leap from Ninja Kiwi's last outing with...

  • Play Truck Toss

    Truck Toss


    This is a side-scrolling truck game you shouldn't miss! Nah,...

  • Play American Truck

    American Truck


    American Truck is a truck game that puts you behind...

  • Play Bulldozer Mania

    Bulldozer Mania


    Bulldozer Mania is a driving game that puts you in...

  • Play Park My Big Rig 2

    Park My Big Rig 2


    Hey dawg, I heard you like truck games. You won't...

  • Play Truckminator



    Truckminator is literally a monster truck game; you see, it...

  • Play Across Zombieland

    Across Zombieland


    Across Zombieland is a truck game that pits your monster...

  • Play Monster Truck Maniac 3

    Monster Truck Maniac 3


    Fans of the truck games, especially the lovers of Monster...

  • Play Mining Truck 2

    Mining Truck 2


    Racing through a mine's railway track... with the precious cargo...

  • Play Max Dirt Truck

    Max Dirt Truck


    The goal of Max Dirt Truck is very straightforward and...

Newest Truck Games

  • Money Truck Thumbnail

    Money Truck is a straightforward but challenging truck game. Money Truck features detailed graphics, simple controls, and twenty-four challenging levels. The...

  • Army Truck Thumbnail

    Army Truck is a truck game that puts you behind the wheel of an army supply truck, as the name...

  • Offroaders Thumbnail

    Offroaders is a truck game developed by turboNuke, makers of the CycloManiacs series. Unlike CycloManiacs which was more of a...

  • Gloomy Truck Thumbnail

    Gloomy Truck is a standard truck game where your objective is to transport cargo to the end of each stage....

  • Offroaders 2 Thumbnail

    Offroaders 2 is another amazing racing game from the master developer, TurboNuke. This truck game features ten new tracks, nine...

  • Truckminator Thumbnail

    Truckminator is literally a monster truck game; you see, it is a game where you drive a truck and have...

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