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There's nothing special about the control scheme of 4x4 Rally. If you have played car / truck games before, you should easily pick it up. Now, if you haven't, you should still pick it up without breaking a sweat. Although, I want to ask: where ,on earth, have you been hiding?! Anyway, going back to the control scheme, 4x4 Rally is played entirely with your keyboard's arrow keys: (1) Press the up arrow key to drive forward and hold it down to accelerate and reach top speed. (2) On the other hand, if you want to slow down and back up, just hit the down arrow key. (3) As for the other 2, the left and right arrow keys, they are for steering and turning your truck into either direction (and it's usually combined with the up or down buttons). If there's something you need to do (perhaps you need to take a leak or answer a phone call), no problem. You can always pause the game by pressing the P button. To resume the game, just hit the C button. Now, if the game is lagging a bit, adjust the quality of the graphics by clicking on the Quality button in the game's starting screen. Take your pick - high, medium, or low quality. Hopefully, that fixes it. That's about everything you need to learn as far as controls and options go. Let's have a closer look at 4x4 Rally.

4x4 Rally Walkthrough

"This is a challenging rally game of 4x4s vehicles. Get into your 4x4 truck and race with other opponents with significantly high artificial intelligence!" Nothing BUT developer hype... or so I thought. There's nothing grand looking or jaw-dropping about 4x4 Rally as far as looks go. I must admit, this game 'looks' a little boring. BUT I need to review it so I played the game anyway. And to my surprise, the AI-driven racers do know a thing or two about driving. They drive better than I do and they will pound on every driving mistake you make. Not to mention, they play it a little dirty at times.

There's nothing fancy or complex about the game's objective. As the title suggests, you are racing with a 4x4 truck. Just like other online and flash based truck games, you will go up against other racers... AI racers to be precise. You need to finish in any of the first three positions to unlock the next level. In theory, this should be easy BUT things are different when you play the game. Get this: the AI racers know how to make life as hard for you as it could. When you watch them race against you, you just have to be impressed at how they will masterfully gang up on you. Some will ram their cars against you while others make a bee-line for the finish line. The next thing you know, all of the first 3 spots have been taken by AI racers. And that means you need to either (1) restart the level and be tortured in the same fashion or (2) if you can't handle that, find another truck game that's a little more forgiving.

As for the race tracks in 4x4 Rally, they are also varied. BUT one thing is for sure, all of these tracks are challenging and some of them are just plain unforgiving! To start off, you need to drive your 4x4 truck through the ice lands. It's slippery and it's really hard to control the wheels. If you are good enough to pass through that (and it took me 5 tries, am I that bad?!), you will move to other race tracks and terrains like grasslands, dense cityscapes (the road in this race track is narrow and that means once someone has overtaken your position, it's hard to move up), and you even get to race inside a giant's body.

As for the graphics and design of this truck game, as I have said, there's nothing spectacular about it. It looks boring matter of fact! BUT I think this is more than compensated for by the challenging tracks and racers you need to face. Upgrades and add-ons are very common in driving / truck games like this. BUT, to my surprise, 4x4 Rally doesn't have A LOT to offer in that respect. The build, size, etc. of the 4x4 trucks are all the same. The only thing you can change is the color of the roof, body, and bed of your ride. I think the game would be A LOT better if the developer would toss in more customization features.

Summing things up, if you are looking for racing / truck games that is beefed up with a lot of customization features; one that requires you to manage a team of racers; one that's filled with upgrades and add-ons, etc., you need to look somewhere else. HOWEVER, if you want something that doesn't beat around the bush, if you are on the hunt for truck games that are NOT fancy BUT challenging enough to glue you on your monitor and seats, 4x4 Rally is a very good candidate. Anyway, enough talk. Try out the game now.