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Across Zombieland Instructions

Across Zombieland is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key and down arrow key accelerate and brake/reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys tilt your truck left and right. The P key pauses the game. The R key restarts the current level.

Across Zombieland Walkthrough

Across Zombieland is a truck game that pits your monster truck against the undead. This zombie game features detailed pixel graphics, simple controls, and seven levels.

The objective of Across Zombieland is to score as many points as possible by crushing zombies, performing tricks, and completing each course as quickly as possible. There is no time limit in this truck game, but your score steadily decreases over time, so completing each level as quickly as possible is one way to attain a high score. If your truck falls into a hole, you will fail the level and have to restart it from its beginning. If you wish to restart the current level manually, you may do so by pressing the R key. Unfortunately, your progress is not saved so you will have to start from the first level each time that you play the game. This truck game is short in duration, however, so it can be completed within thirty minutes.

The controls of Across Zombieland are similar to those in many other truck games. The up arrow key moves forward, the down arrow key moves backwards, and the left and right arrow keys tilt and rotate your truck. The rotation of your truck is vital in this zombie game. Proper rotation is important to cross bumpy terrain. It is also important to try to land on your wheels after making a jump; if your truck lands on its back, it may become impossible to turn over and you will be forced to restart the level.

Aside from completing each level as quickly as possible, your score is increased by performing tricks and killing zombies. Killing zombies in quick succession will score more points. Performing tricks such as flips and wheelies while crushing zombies also earns more points. Tricks and multikills require speed, so be sure to get a running start. Be careful not to fall in any ditches while speeding along, however!

Across Zombieland is a simple truck game that may not be the most challenging, but it does offer quick entertainment value. It's monster truck against monsters in Across Zombieland!