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American Truck Instructions

American Truck is controlled by using the keyboard. The arrow keys are used to move your truck. The spacebar is used to brake.

American Truck Walkthrough

American Truck is a truck game that puts you behind the wheel of a powerful eighteen-wheeler. This parking game features great graphics, an appropriate country soundtrack, and ten challenging levels!

The objective of American Truck is to park your big rig in the designated parking space. Each level of this truck game gives you thirty seconds and three lives to complete this task. If you fail to park within thirty seconds, or crash into three vehicles, then you will not succeed on the level.

In order to score big in American Truck, it is best to complete each level in as fast of a time as possible. The faster that you complete a level in this truck game, the greater your bonus will be at the end of the level. In many cases it might be best to take it slow in order to just complete the level, however.

Avoiding penalties may also improve your score in this truck game. If you run over pedestrians, you will be penalized fifty points for each pedestrian killed. You are also penalized fifty points and one life if you collide with another vehicle. Colliding with vehicles places you back at the start of the level, but does not reset the clock, so be careful!

Some levels in this parking game are very challenging, and may require you to use unscrupulous methods. Sometimes a level can be made easier by crashing into a car that is blocking your way into your parking space. You will lose a life and will take a fifty point penalty, but the way will be clear for you to easily complete the level. In order to go for a time bonus, you might also find yourself having to run over pedestrians. The time bonus that you earn may negate the penalty as well as add to your score, so you will have to play it by ear.

A final unscrupulous tactic that you may use in American Truck is skipping levels. If you fail a level, you are presented with an options screen. Clicking the button labeled "Play Again" will take you to the previous label that you failed, but clicking the button labeled "Next Level" will take you to the next level of this truck game. I advise you not to use this option, since it will remove the challenge from the game, but it might be helpful for particularly frustrating stages.

American Truck is an entertaining and challenging truck game that will test you reflexes as well as your mind. It's time to put the rubber to the road in American Truck!