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So you love playing parking games where patience and precision counts A LOT? What about truck games... do you love driving those massive vehicles? Yeah? If you love any of these or if you them both, you sure want to check out American Truck 2! This game is an excellent blend of parking and truck games. With that in mind, the controls should be quite familiar to you - for basic movement, you need to use the directional buttons of your keyboard. Press up to go forward and accelerate. The left and right buttons, on the other hand, is for steering your oiler truck to the said directions. Go reverse with the down arrow key. And lastly, to put your truck on a full stop, hit the space bar button to step on the brakes. Oh! By the way, if you find the music a little bothering, if you can't concentrate on the game because of it, no biggie. Just switch it off by clicking the Music button on the upper right hand corner of the game's screen. Alright, now that we are done with the controls and options, let's take a closer look at the game.

American Truck 2 Walkthrough

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to drive a HUGE... a massive oiler truck with people, cars, and everything else in between crossing the road? Yeah? Well, if you have, then you want to check out this game - American Truck 2. Well, the game may not teach you how to drive a truck in real life. It will not teach you how to park or cross the road with a vehicle. HOWEVER, it brings you a step closer to the experience. Back to the game, the goal is very simple to understand: (1) You have a truck. (2) Use the arrow or directional keys to drive your truck and take it to the parking area. (3) Be careful of people and cars along the way. (4) Rinse and repeat. By the way, finding the parking area shouldn't be that difficult. There's a green sign saying: "Park Here" somewhere in the screen.

"What? I have to be careful with people and other vehicles crossing the road?" YES, folks. This is one of the niceties that separate American Truck 2 from other parking or truck games found in the internet. You see, in real life, things don't come to a standstill when you are about to park (unless you have some super powers to do that). Everything and everyone is on the go - you will find people crossing left, right, and center (and some of them maybe crossing the road when they are not supposed to), you will find cars and other vehicles entangled in the jam. I'm sure you get my drift. That's what you get in American Truck 2. The brake button (space bar) - you are going to need its help often. Unless you want to smash pedestrians or ram into posts, cars, and more. And believe me, you don't want to do that. When you smash into anything, you lose a life, and you only have 3 lives in the game. Lose all of those and it's game over for you!

As you move into the later stages or levels of the game, you will find the difficulty increasing. The location of the parking area, the road itself, the pedestrians, and many other elements in the game make it hard for you to reach that precious parking space and get all the points you need to reach the top. While this game doesn't have a lot of replay value, it's still worth playing... especially if boredom is starting to kill you and you have nothing else to do. Comes with nice graphics, easy to understand controls, straightforward game play - all in all, this is a truck game that I would gladly recommend!

Why don't you give it a shot and find out?