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Big Rig: Driving School Instructions

In the control scheme department, there's not much to be said about Big Rig Driving School. There's nothing fancy or complicated about it. Just like most truck games out there in the internet world, you just have to use your arrow keys to inch your way through different obstacles and reach the other end: (1) Use the left and right arrow keys for changing the angle of your trucks movement. (2) To drive forward, press the up arrow key and hold it down to accelerate. (3) Lastly, the down arrow key is for slowing down and going reverse. That's about everything you need to keep in mind as far as the control scheme of Big Rig Driving School goes. Let's have a closer look at the game and what it has to offer.

Big Rig: Driving School Walkthrough

If you haven't tried your hands at truck driving yet, if you are yet to face truck driving test on epic proportions, then this game is yours for the taking. Big Rig Driving School, as the name suggests, is about to put your 18-wheeler truck / driving skills to the test. The objective of the game is very straightforward: you need to cross all of the arrows without your truck sustaining significant damage. Sounds easy? YES. Doing that, however, is quite a different story.

Big Rig Driving School comes at you with 10 truck driving tests and these tests are increasing in difficulty. Just how difficult could a challenge or test in Big Rig Driving School get? Well, let's say the game does a good job of imitating the 'feel' of driving a REAL 18-wheeler truck. While I am yet to drive a monster ride like that (to be precise, I'm yet to get my license), common sense tells me that driving one takes Herculean effort. That explains why truck drivers, most of the time, are buffed up. Anyway, it feels just like that even if you are using just your keyboard for driving. You would get the feeling that, any moment, your keyboard would break because of pressing the arrow keys way too much. The wheels you are driving are not that responsive and it takes a lot of precision to get it where you want to.

And to top off all of those challenges, there are all sorts of obstacles along the way... and a single nudge with one of them could cause damage. Remember, you can only pass a test if you and your truck sustain only minimal damage. Flunk that and you need to start from square one. And that makes perfect sense - think about it, who, in his right mind, would give an 18-wheeler driving license to someone who's reckless?

Summing things up, if you are on the hunt for driving and trick games that have easy to understand control scheme; one that's OK on the graphics / visuals department; one that comes with challenging tests; and, last BUT not the least, one that has a realistic feel, Big Rig Driving School is a truck game you should check out.