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Big Truck Adventures 3 Instructions

Big Truck Adventures 3 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys drive forward and backwards respectively. The left and right arrow keys rotate your truck in the designated direction. The shift key is used to activate your boost and the Z key is used to brake.

Big Truck Adventures 3 Walkthrough

Big Truck Adventures 3 is the third truck game in the Big Truck Adventures series. Big Truck Adventures 3 is a marked improvement over its predecessors and features superior graphics, a smoother framerate, and improved physics.

The objective of Big Truck Adventures 3 is to complete each course before time runs out. This truck game starts you out with five lives. If you run out of time or crash before reaching your destination, you will lose one life and be forced to start from the previous checkpoint. When all five lives are lost, the game is over.

Controlling your truck in Big Truck Adventures 3 is simple. Use the up and down arrow keys to drive forwards and backwards. The left and right arrow keys rotate your truck. When the boost bar at the top of the screen is full, you may activate your boost by pressing the shift key. Both wheels most be firmly on the ground for you to activate your boost successfully, so you may have to press shift a few times to get it to work. Make sure that you do not press the shift key before your boost bar is full or the bar will reset without you getting a boost!

Collecting gold plus symbols in Big Truck Adventures 3 is the primary means of increasing your score. If you want to take a drive on the wilder side, however, you can attempt to perform trick for points in this truck game. Jumping off of ramps for long distances and performing aerial flips can dramatically increase your score. Make sure that you will be able to land squarely on your wheels, however, because if your truck lands on its top you will crash and lose a life.

Big Truck Adventures 3 is a fun truck game and a major improvement over its predecessors. If you like straightforward truck games that just let you drive without having to solve puzzles, fight crime, or accomplish other tasks, then Big Truck Adventures 3 is on that you will want to play!