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Destructotruck Instructions

In Destructotruck, you are playing as a truck driving maniac who is bent on destroying everything that he sees... as long as his fuel allows it. Good thing, the truck you will use in this truck game is indestructible. The controls of this game, just like other truck games, are as straightforward as they could get: (1) Press the RIGHT key the moment the green lights are on to maximize your truck's speed boost. (2) Hold it down as you travel through the ramp to make sure your foot is stepping on the gas. (3) Hit the space bar button to rush fly by. That's just about everything you need to keep in mind as far as control schemes go in Destructotruck. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Destructotruck Walkthrough

Taking a HUGE leap from Ninja Kiwi's last outing with Knight Elite, the same guys now bring Destructotruck. As mentioned earlier, you are playing as a truck driving maniac in this game. The maniac is not an average maniac... he has a knack for destroying anything he sees in the suburban area. Your mission in this truck game is simple: destroy as many buildings as possible; salvage the wreckage for money; use the money to beef up your truck with upgrades; rinse and repeat and have FUN!

What I like about the game is that the mechanics have been kept dead simple. You need to time your launch with the right arrow key and make sure you hit at the same time the green 'Go' signal lights up. And when I say need, I mean it! Timing is everything in this game... especially on your fly by. Your timing - depending on how bad or good it is, significantly affects your ramp acceleration. Your ramp acceleration, on the other hand, affects the distance you can travel as well as the destruction you cause. As you move forward through the game, you will bag enough cash from scrap to pay for upgrades. These upgrades enable your truck to move faster and get airborne longer, which translates to more havoc and destruction... which means MORE dough!

So far, the thing that I like most about the game is the Smash Streak. For those who don't know it, Smash Streaks are rewards that you unlock when you hit certain scores and milestones. You will find your Smash Streak counter at the upper right hand corner of your game's screen. It increases the more structures or buildings you destroy without hitting the ground. Some of them require you to destroy 5 buildings in succession. Others require you more. There are Smash Streaks you unlock when you hit the 100,000 point-mark or more. Once you have a smash streak under your belt, just press the Space Bar button to activate it. You can check the Smash Streaks in the game. There's a Smash Streak Button on the top of the game's screen. Click it and know more about them.

Some Tips And Tricks To Keep In Mind:

(1) It is very important that you get the beginning boost RIGHT. How good or bad you do is indicated by a remark - good, great, perfect, or, if you suck, 'too late' or 'too soon'. When you have enough ramp acceleration, make it a point to hit as many explosive things as possible. Propane tanks, gas stations, nuclear reactions - these are just some of the explosive structures in the game. They give you that much need explosive boost when you hit them.

(2) As I have mentioned, I really like Smash Streaks - not only because they represent rewards for your skillful driving (if you can call smashing through buildings skillful), BUT primarily because they are helpful. You need to take full advantage of Smash Streak bonuses like Refill, which you get with 120 hit streaks. These Smash Streaks help you keep your truck airborne for as long as possible. The buildings that are farther from the ramp are more valuable... and the farthest of them cannot be reached initial kick you get from the starting ramp. This is where Smash Streaks come into play.

Summing things up, if you are looking for truck games that are fun to play; beefed up with upgrades and awards; and EXPLOSIVE from start to finish, Destructotruck is a game you will surely want to try. BUT be warned: this game is extremely addictive. If you are going to play it at the office, make sure your boss won't see you!