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Extreme Trucks Instructions

As with most driving, parking, and truck games, the control scheme of Extreme Trucks relies a lot on your computer's keyboard and the directional or arrow keys to be specific: (1) To go forward, press the up directional key and hold it down to accelerate. (2) To rotate to the right, press the right arrow key. Hit the left arrow button to rotate or spin to the left. (3) To brake and put your monster truck to a total halt, press the down directional key. Hold it down to go reverse. To switch the music on or off, press CTRL and M. If you find your computer's FPS lagging (especially if your PC is a dinosaur), you can remove the video's effects by pressing CTRL and E to get better performance. Just press it again to bring back the effects. To remove the sound, hit CTRL and S. To bring the sound back up, just hit the same buttons again. Alright, now that we are done with the controls, let's take a closer look at the game...

Extreme Trucks Walkthrough

Driving a monster truck at maximum speed - sending it flying off ramps, dashing under the water, and climbing unforgiving and upward terrain - if this is your cup of tea, then you will LOVE Extreme Trucks. Known as Extreme Trucks I: Europe by many, this isn't a particularly long game. Coming with 9 levels that are increasing in difficulty, you can play and finish this game in an hour or even less if you are that eager and persistent. But then, who needs a very long game if it's as boring and slow paced as like a turtle? We want truck games that are fun and, without a doubt, Extreme Trucks I: Europe is FUN to play!

First off, let's take a closer look at some of the in game elements - stuff that you see on your screen. Of course, there's that blue green monster truck, which you will be driving through rocky paths and landscape. On the top right corner, you will see your time bonus as well as your score. The time bonus you get after every level depends on how fast you finished that level. It will start at 8500 points (in the first level) and it will dwindle and count down every second. Now, you may be tempted to go as fast as you can in an effort to bag as many points as possible. Good idea, right? WRONG! Focusing on speed exclusively and going as fast as you can is a sure fire way to tumble down the rocks and lose a life.

Speaking of lives, you will have 4 to begin with. The small image of your truck and the number before it (this is found on the upper left part of your game screen) will tell you how many lives you have. Being a monstrous vehicle, your truck can take and absorb damage. HOWEVER, it can only take so much. The mini truck I have mentioned above will slowly turn red the more you take damage. Once it all turns red like a cherry, it will explode and be split into pieces. Let me remind you, you only have 4 lives for the whole game. Lose all of your trucks and it's game over for you... you have to start at the very first level and play again. There are different obstacles in the game - ramps, platforms that are moving up and down, water (YES, you'll drive underwater in this game), steep cliffs, and those are just to name a few. HOWEVER, for the most part, the challenge here is to keep your truck in a balanced position and avoid as much damage as you can.

As for the graphics, this truck game fares VERY well. The design and overall look of the game is very pleasant to look at... especially when you consider that it's a free and flash based truck game. All in all, this is a game I would recommend to relieve yourself of the boredom that's could be killing you.