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Extreme Trucks 2 Instructions

The control scheme of Extreme Trucks 2 (also known as Extreme Trucks II: USA) is the same with the first installment as well as other truck games. For just about everything, you will use your keyboard. The arrow keys are for basic movement: To drive forward, press the up arrow key and hold it down to accelerate. To keep your truck balanced, especially during jump offs, diving down from steep cliffs, etc., you need to rotate your truck. To rotate to the right, press the right directional key and hit its left counterpart to rotate to the left. Just be careful not to press any of the left or right keys for too long... otherwise, your monster truck will surely flip. To step on the brakes, just press the down directional key... and hold down to it should you need to go reverse. If you find the music to be a little too loud for your taste and you want to switch it off, just press CTRL and M to turn it off. To turn it on, just press the same key combinations. So your frame rate is lagging, you can easily turn off the video effects by hitting CTRL as well as E. This should give you better performance. To remove sound and bring it back up, just press CTRL and S. Alternatively, when you are in game, there are buttons for sound and music on the upper left corner of the game's screen. There's also a pause button, which should come handy if there's something you need to attend to before playing. OK, now that the controls have been taken care of, let's check the game out...

Extreme Trucks 2 Walkthrough

For some people, it's not enough to have a glossy great looking car or motorcycle. They want something much more massive than that - monster trucks! And if you are someone who loves monster truck games, if you are a HUGE fan of the very first Extreme Trucks game (it's Extreme Trucks I: Europe by the way), then you will go nuts for the second installment of the series - Extreme Trucks II: USA. The trucks here are bigger, faster, and they are stronger. With your red new wheels, you will race through the extreme conditions of North American Deserts.

The mechanics of the game stays pretty much the same. Extreme Trucks II comes with 9 levels of play that are increasing in difficulty just like the previous installment. You want to be fast and careful at the same time. Speed matters a lot - your overall score for every level depends on how fast you finish it. HOWEVER, speed isn't the only thing that counts in this game. Going at full speed without regard for the rocky road you are in and without regard for having a balanced truck position could easily screw you up. You will find your red monster truck tumbling down a cliff, flipping and unable to make a comeback. Once your truck turns red (the mini image of your truck on the upper left corner), it will explode into bits and pieces. While you do have four lives / trucks, you could easily find it dwindling down until none is left if you are not careful. When you run out of lives, it's game over bro! You need to start all over again.

A fine addition in the game are the Checkpoints. They allow you to start at a certain point in the stage when you lose a life or truck. This is way better than starting right at the beginning of the level, especially during the latter stages of the game when the obstacles are almost everywhere. Along with that, the addition of road signs let you know what's up and ahead: the exclamation mark means there's a steep cliff coming, that T sign with arrows on the sides means there's a elevator like platform ahead, and those are just to name a few. Overall, this is a job well done - maintains the elements that made the series popular while adding new stuff.