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If you have played any of the previous installments and games from the Extreme Trucks series, or if you are a HUGE fan of truck games, playing Extreme Trucks III: Asia should be a piece of cake for you. The control scheme stays the same: for almost everything, you just need to use your keyboard and especially the arrow keys. For starters, to move forward, press the up button and hold it down to accelerate and move at maximum speed. The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, is to keep your truck well balanced. To rotate your truck to the left, press the left arrow key and to rotate to the other direction, just hit the right arrow key. To step on the brakes and put your vehicle on a full stop, press the down directional key. And lastly, if you need to go reverse, hold the down arrow key. While there are buttons for music and sounds on the upper right hand corner of the screen, you can also use some key combinations. If you want to switch the music off, press CTRL and M, and hit it those keys again if you want to switch it back on. For the sound effects, press CTRL and S to switch it on or off. Extreme Trucks III: Asia, just like the previous games and installments, comes with a more than decent video effects and graphics design. HOWEVER, if your computer is having a hard time coping up with it, just press CTRL and E to remove the video effects. Oh! One last thing, there's a pause button located alongside the other buttons I have mentioned. If you need to go to the loo, answer a call, etc., just press the pause button. Now, let's check out the game...

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Fans of truck games will surely dig the third installment in the Extreme Trucks series - Extreme Trucks III: Asia! First was in Europe, the second game was in the USA, and this time around, you are out to conquer the sand filled and rocky roads of Asia. While many of the familiar elements (which made the whole series a HUGE hit) stays the same, a lot of new additions make Extreme Trucks III even more exciting... and well deserving of that "III" after the game's title. Let's check it out.

Ghost Car - this is one of the niceties added. The ghost car will go through the same path you are driving through and it can show you some nice tricks that you can mimic... or you can choose to look at it as a racing opponent. After all, racing against someone is much more exciting and fast paced than doing it by yourself. Along with that, there are hidden bonuses scattered all over the 12 levels (the previous 2 games only have 9 levels) that are increasing in difficulty. You can find these hidden bonuses on... well, I'll leave it to you to find out. And last BUT not the least, the third game in the series also comes with new bonus and unlockable levels, which gives the game some nice replay value. This is something that the previous games don't have.

Aside from these additions, almost everything stays the same. You start the game with 4 lives... and you better be careful. Once that dwindles down to zero, it's game over for you. The scoring system stays the same - the faster you finish the game, the higher the score you get. You can check out the points you still have left for that level at the top right part of the game's screen. BUT just like the previous Extreme Truck games, you cannot go far with speed alone. Matter of fact, that might spell your end! Going at it with maximum speed with little regard for the balance and position of your truck will send you tumbling across the rocky and hump-filled terrain. Summing things up, Extreme Trucks III: Asia is an excellent and nice looking truck game that comes with good replay value that other truck games can't boast of. Check it out and see what I'm talking about.