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Giant Hummer Instructions

The control scheme for Giant Hummer is as straightforward as it could get: (1) Press and hold down the up cursor key to move forward and accelerate. (2) To lean back, press the left arrow key. (3) Jump using the Space Bar button. That's about it for the basic movement. If you need to pause the game for whatever reason, just press the P button to Pause. And last BUT not the least, press the T button to get power boost. That's everything you need to know about the control scheme of Giant Hummer. Let's have a closer look at the game...

Giant Hummer Walkthrough

Giant Hummer - this is an excellent example of a truck game stripped down to its very basic... YET still fun to play. Coming at you with decent level of challenges whatever your skill level is, Giant Hummer leaves out the usual 'bells and whistles' found in most truck games - fancy graphics, jaw dropping design, upgrades, and the like. And why would you need them? You are driving a MASSIVE Hummer. There is no need for upgrades. And the game play, as it turns out, is interesting enough to keep you hooked even without the fancy eye-candies.

The goal of Giant Hummer isn't complicated. Just like other truck games out there, you need to get your massive vehicle from the starting point to the right end of the screen. Reach the finish line without crashing! Sounds easy? In theory it does. BUT when you toss in all sorts of obstacles, which are built from the ground up to prevent you to do what you need to do, it's a different story. PLUS the fact that you are driving a giant (which is not the easiest of vehicles to control), you can be sure that you are in for a challenging ride.

With that said, I would recommend newcomers to this game or to truck games in general to just make sure you don't crash and reach the finish line in one piece. Stunts are very hard to pull off. That's especially true if you only have a couple of lives left. Even the best truck driving fingers could find their ride crashing before they can say: "Giant Hummer!" BUT don't let me stop you from being daring. I mean this game is supposed to be fun and I'm sure there are daring players out there who would always try to flip their monster ride... believing that they're as deft as a cat and will always land in a balanced position. Well, if you have all of your 5 lives with you, be my guest. BUT if you are running low on lives, I'd recommend that you stay on the safe side.

If you are quite experienced in driving and truck games like Giant Hummer, you may find the basic and initial goals and challenges in the game to be on the 'easy side'. You may be able to unlock all of the game modes that Giant Hummer has to offer without losing a life. BUT don't get me wrong - the game play of Giant Hummer caters both to newbies and experts alike. If you are getting quite bored with the basic challenges and goals, there are different ways to rake in more points. You can pull off jaw-dropping stunts. There are suitcases and bonuses scattered all over the levels... and these are pretty hard to reach. Playing to get each and every bonus / suitcase takes the game's difficulty to a whole new level. It will surely put your online truck driving skills to the test especially when you reach the later levels of the game.

The Power Boost - In Giant Hummer, this is something you don't want to miss or waste. Having a power boost under your sleeve means you can catch more air when you jump; improve your ability to coast over the obstacles; and of course, set the road on fire with your speed! Now, a power boost is NOT necessary to finish the game. You can make it through the whole game without using a power boost. BUT it's a lot easier when you have one... and let's admit it, it's more exciting when we see our rather slow moving truck reach top speed. So how on earth do you get a power boost? Simple - pull off stunts and tricks. Keep an eye on the power indicator - these are the 3 circles right beside the word 'Power' at the bottom of your screen. Keep in mind: power boosts are not a luxury. They are limited so use them when it counts.

Summing things up, Giant Hummer, while it doesn't have all of the add-ons, bells, and whistles of most truck games, is an above-average truck game that players of all skill levels and experience will surely enjoy. While it will be difficult for newcomers, it doesn't get to the point where you would want to pull your hairs out. Once you get the hang of driving your massive ride, you are good to go. Experienced players, on the other hand, can constantly challenge themselves and go the extra mile by trying to collect all of the bonuses / suitcases, pulling off stunts, and everything else in between. Enough talk, I recommend you check out the game and see what I'm talking about.