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Mad Trucker Instructions

Mad Trucker is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key accelerates, the left and right arrow keys steer, and the down arrow key brakes.

Mad Trucker Walkthrough

Mad Trucker is a truck game that puts you in control of a big rig. Mad Trucker is the first game in the series and features impressive graphics, cool sound effects, and hardcore gameplay.

The objective of Mad Trucker is to drive one hundred miles in as few days as possible. This truck game's interface contains four gauges at the bottom of the screen. From left-to-right, these gauges are the food gauge, repair gauge, fuel gauge, and speedometer. If you run out of fuel or food, or if your truck takes too much damage, the day will end.

If you want to keep on trucking, however, Mad Trucker features repair shops, restaurants, and gas stations that will occasionally appear on the road. Be on the lookout because you will be given a notice on the road 100 meters before one of these locations. To use one of these locations, simply pull over and bring your truck to a complete stop inside of the rectangle adjacent to the shop. Repairing, eating, and refueling will drain a bit of your cash in this truck game (unlike in its sequel), but it is worth it because it will allow you to travel farther and earn more money.

Mad Trucker features a shop that can be used to buy upgrades between days. I advise buying the fuel, repair (armor) and food upgrades first in order to prolong how far you can travel in one day. After you have bought a few levels of these upgrades, you should buy an engine upgrade, which increases your speed (and in-turn, your rate of earning money). The light upgrade can be bought later in the game, because it is unnecessary in the beginning of this truck game.

Mad Trucker is a highly addicting truck game that offers a truckload of entertainment! Take out your road rage in Mad Trucker!