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Max Dirt Truck Instructions

A side scrolling truck game, Max Dirt Truck's controls are very similar to other truck games out there. For the basic movement and for the most part, you need to use your keyboard's arrow keys: (1) Press up to drive forward and hold down that button to accelerate. (2) The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, is for tilting or rotating your cargo truck to the said directions. (3) And last BUT not the least, should you need to back up, just press the down arrow key. There's nothing fancy or out of ordinary with the controls. When you get into the game, you may be wondering what are those signs and buttons on the edges of the game's screen? Let's take a closer look at some of them: On the upper left corner, you will find 3 of them. The first one indicates how much time, in minutes and seconds, you still have left. The next one shows how much distance within the track you have completed (it is shown in percentage). And lastly, the third one tells you how many blocks you are carrying and how many blocks need to be delivered to complete the stage. The Restart and Exit buttons on the lower left corner, I believe, is self explanatory and so are the Music and Sound FX buttons on the other side opposite of the Restart and Exit buttons. OK, now that we are done with the controls and buttons found within the game, let's have a closer look at it.

Max Dirt Truck Walkthrough

The goal of Max Dirt Truck is very straightforward and simple to understand: using your dust filled cargo truck, you need to deliver those supplies... those blocks to the factory. And you better be fast because there is a time limit. Along with that, you got to hold on to those hard hats. You are going to need them in this bumpy ride! If you have played Mining Truck before, you will find that the game play is very similar.

Coming at you with more than 10 levels including the final one, this is a game that you can finish in one sitting... unlike those RPG games that take days! HOWEVER, one factor gives this game excellent replay value - the Awards! There are achievements in the game. These are little badges of merit that you earn while playing the game. By the way, there are, all in all, 10 achievements to unlock: you can have an award for something as easy and as basic as going through 1/10 of a mile or making a backward move. There is an award for making a flip forward or doing a long jump - hard feats to pull off with a huge cargo truck. You can have a badge for bringing in 100 percent of the cargo... no spills and blocks wasted. Or, you can have an award for doing something as silly and as pointless as going to the factory without carrying anything! And those are just to name a few. You can easily the awards you have and the achievements you don't have yet by clicking the Achievements button when you start the game.

The challenge in this game is to strike a balance between speed and stability. YES, there's a time limit in every level. However, focusing on speed alone and having no regard for stability is a surefire way to fail it. You will either lose all of your cargo due to the humps and bumps. Or you will end up flipping over, which leaves without a choice BUT to hit that Restart button and try again. On the other hand, being slow like a turtle isn't going to cut it either. Remember bro, there's a time limit! So here's the question: are you good enough to get past the bumpy and rocky road and deliver your cargo? Are you good enough to balance speed and stability to finish the game? There's only one way to find out: play Max Dirt Truck NOW!