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Mining Truck Instructions

If you have played truck games before, the control scheme of Mining Truck should be very familiar to you. You need to use your keyboard's arrow keys most of the time: press up arrow key to move forward, hit the down arrow key to brake and hold down to it to go reverse. The other 2 keys - the left and right arrow keys, will tilt your truck towards the direction of the arrow.

Mining Truck Walkthrough

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be behind the driver's seat of a massive delivery / cargo truck? Yeah? Well, playing Mining Truck won't give you real life experience BUT the 'feel' is fairly close to the real thing. You need to operate through the most dangerous and intense road conditions with the task of bringing purple rocks of different shapes and sizes to the destination. I'm not sure what the purple rocks are for, BUT whatever... in this game, they are important and they need to be delivered. The game showcases 8 levels that are increasing in difficulty. In these levels, you will face intense, downhill, uphill terrains, and more!

There are a lot of obstacles to face in Mining Truck - there are downhill paths, steps, ditches, as well as crevices. Each of these obstacles have different effects on your truck especially on its speed. Downhill paths as well as small ditches require you to slow down. Otherwise, you run risk of tipping over. On the contrary, the larger ditches, crevices, as well as steps require you to go at top speed... which will then allow you to jump over them. You see, the key to getting over these obstacles is flexibility. You need to prepare and change your speed depending on the terrain and obstacles you are facing and you be fine. If you are new to the game, I would advice you not to be too worried about losing some of your load along the way. After all, you only need a couple of those purple stones to pass the level and unlock the next.

Another ESSENTIAL piece of advice that you need to keep in mind is to identify the signs you will come across the game and react quickly to it. This could go a very long way and help you avoid flip over, lose those precious purple rocks, and fall over. You will come across those uphill and downhill signs which will show you that you will soon be climbing up or down a very steep hill. For uphill terrain, that means you should pick up speed to make sure you will get across it. On the other hand, for downhill terrain, you should hit the brakes while going through it. Now, onto the stop sign. This is always found near the end of a level and this is an indication that you will face very rough and unforgiving terrain. This means you need to pump your brake a lot during the trip. Also, this is an indication that you are ALMOST there... just moments away from the finish line... from the factory.

Lastly, the exclamation point tells you that there are BIG dangers ahead of the road. Just how dangerous would it get? That depends. It varies from a HUGE construction ditch or something as bad as a broken bridge. Anyway, you need to pick up speed to jump over these obstacles. The final sign by the way shows a bottle and it comes up before a bridge on level 7. I'm quite unsure what that sign is for. To date, I still haven't discovered what it's trying to tell me. It could be a hidden bonus, level, or anything in between.

Anyway, Mining Truck is one of those truck games that doesn't only test your online truck driving skills BUT your ability to anticipate things, skill to prepare for them, and your reaction time. HIGHLY recommended!