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Mining Truck 2 Instructions

If you have played truck games before, if you have played the previous installment of this series, the control scheme of Mining Truck 2 should be as easy as pie for you to handle. It is played entirely with your keyboard and it shouldn't take long for you to master the controls like the back of your hand: (1) Press the up arrow key to drive forward and hold it down to accelerate. (2) Need to step on the brakes? No biggie. Just press the down arrow key and that's it. (3) The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, are for tilting your truck and keeping it in a balanced position. If you are ready to drop the goods and cargo you are carrying at the back of your truck, just hit the space bar button. And lastly, if you find your truck stuck and unable to get out of the quagmire it's stuck with, hit the R button.

Mining Truck 2 Walkthrough

Racing through a mine's railway track... with the precious cargo bouncing in your truck's cart - this is something that you can ONLY pull off in a game. I'm sure nobody wants to deal with all of the horrendous implications as well as the operations cost. And let's not forget, getting derailed and plowing face first is a surefire way to get tickets to... well, somewhere else you don't want to go. In Mining Truck 2, that's going to happen a lot... especially if you are new to truck games. BUT worry not, there's always the R button to restart the level. However, as for dealing with the slowly rising blood pressure you will probably suffer from this game, I'm not too sure what to prescribe you.

Calling an online and flash-based game bad for your health may not sound great, BUT it's not really negative (unless you really take that seriously and put your health on the game). For lovers of physics-based truck games, frustration is often part of the package as success is always brought upon by having good doses of patience; being accurate; and loving gravity's unpredictable twists and turns and making it work in your favor.

Coming at you with 10 different levels that are increasing in difficulty, this is one of those truck games that will surely keep you busy for quite a while. For each of the ten mines, there are 3 objectives or goals you need to achieve. It could include getting to the mine's end within a specific time frame; deliver certain types of goods; crash your truck's carts; grab a certain number of coins, and those are just to name a few. The coins - I cannot overemphasize their importance in the game. They are the real means to the end. With enough coins in your pocket, you can beef up your carts and truck with the upgrades you need. You can tweak its power and traction; you can buy stronger cart links to make sure the precious cargo you are carrying stay in place; and those are just some of the aspects of your truck that you can upgrade.

The coins are earned from the goods you deliver. This is one of those driving and truck games where being careful and accurate in your driving pays MORE than being fast and setting the track on fire. Aside from buying goods and upgrades, coins also do a good job of balancing the game. There are later levels that can only be accessed with a certain type of cart that you can buy with coins... coins that you earn every time you finish a level. Achieving objectives leads you to more dough. If you are EXTREMELY patient and careful in your truck driving, it won't take long before you get your hands on all of the BEST and beefiest upgrades that the game has to offer.

At first sight, Mining Truck 2 looks like one of those truck games where you need to race through a track as fast as possible while keeping and maintaining your center of balance in good shape. At some degree, this is what you need to do. When you drive at higher speeds, your engine's cart bounces and leaves the ground right at the end of the inclines. There are a lot of trick terrains and parts in the game that requires A LOT of balancing. The second and harder part of the challenge is this: carrying the goods to safety. Right behind your engine, your truck's trailer dangles. The goods you carry differ from level to level. You will carry crates, sometimes logs, bags, minerals, oil, and the list of goods goes on and on. And here's the harder part: the employers are cheap. Aside from hiring a driver who is more of a speed demon than reliable, they didn't hire anyone who would tie down the goods in place.

The real appeal of this game aside from the upgrades lies in nailing down the objectives as well as bagging a treasure chest in every level you accomplish. The chests you collect contain different awards - some of them come with useless car horns; others have the more useful protective helmet; while there are chests that contain REALLY advantageous goodies like a turbo boost.

To complete ALL of the objectives, you need a good dose of patience as well as knowledge of the levels since there are some that feature multiple paths. The good thing is that the graphics, design, and sound track give the whole cold mining place a cozy feeling. While there will be moments of frustration especially when you encounter good-for-nothing cranes, it's all part of the physics and truck games hybrid experience. Just take it with a pinch of salt, and trust me, the success you will taste once you have finished levels will all be worth it.