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Monster Truck Demolisher Instructions

Monster Truck Demolisher is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. The up and down arrow keys are used to drive forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys are used to balance the truck in the respective direction. The spacebar is used to jump.

Monster Truck Demolisher Walkthrough

Monster Truck Demolisher is a demolition derby of a truck game. Monster Truck Demolisher features excellent graphics, simple controls, and twenty-four explosive courses.

The objective of Monster Truck Demolisher is to complete each course with your truck intact. Along the way, you will destroy objects, crush cars, and detonate bombs to score points. If you crash or your truck turns over, you will lose health. When your health is depleted, your truck will explode and you will have to retry the level from its beginning. Your progress is saved so you can continue this truck game from the last unlocked level the next time that you play.

Monster Truck Demolisher uses simple keyboard controls. The up and down arrow keys drive forward and backward. The left and right arrow keys rotate your truck in the respective direction. Use the spacebar to jump. Jumping on top of vehicles is an excellent way to crush them if your truck is too light, but this method takes longer. In this truck game, destroying vehicles earns more points than would be earned by saving the time used, however, so it is worth the effort.

Although there is no time limit in Monster Truck Demolisher, you gain extra points for completing levels as quickly as possible. A slow, steady pace is still ideal in this truck game, however, since you can earn more points by causing maximum damage to objects on the level. Taking it slow also reduces your risk of crashing. On the other hand, high speed can help you gain extra height when jumping off of ramps, which can in turn help you reach certain paces and score more points. The way that you play is ultimately up to you; have fun!

Monster Truck Demolisher is a straightforward and entertaining driving game. This truck game is a blast for casual gamers and those that want a quick bit of gaming action to pass the time!