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Monster Truck Maniac Instructions

Monster Truck Maniac is controlled by using the keyboard and the mouse. Use the left and right arrow keys to move your truck. Some levels will require the use of the mouse to set the height of ramps.

Monster Truck Maniac Walkthrough

Monster Truck Maniac is a truck game that puts you behind the wheel of a monster truck. This physics game features simple graphics, addicting gameplay, and a save game system.

When you first begin Monster Truck Maniac, you are taken to the menu screen. If you drive your truck to the right, you will access the options screen where you may customize your truck's colors or mute the game's music. If you drive your truck to the left, you will access the game menu. From the game menu, driving to the right takes you to the "games" section where you can practice the different types of challenges that this truck game has to offer; driving left of the game menu takes you to the mission screen.

There are 16 missions in Monster Truck Maniac that challenge you to reach a certain distance goal. The first type of mission that this truck game has to offer is the long jump mission. Long jump missions require you to reach a given horizontal distance. You may use your mouse to adjust the height of the ramp before jumping, but I have found that the default height is optimal. After jumping, you may increase your distance by running over land mines (gray circles), but try to avoid mud puddles as they will slow you down.

Sea mine missions are the second type of mission present in Monster Truck Maniac. Like long jump missions, the objective of sea mine missions is to reach a given horizontal distance goal. You will have to carefully jump your truck from mine to mine in order to avoid sinking into the sea since there is no ground to roll on in these missions.

The third type of mission is the air mine mission. The objective of air mine missions is to reach a vertical goal by jumping from mine to mine. As you reach a higher altitude, the mission will become more challenging as some mines will begin to move! These missions are my personal favorite type of mission in this truck game. The fourth and final type of mission featured in Monster Truck Maniac is the bus jump. Bus jump missions are similar to long jump missions, except that you cannot adjust the ramp, and you must jump over a given number of buses. These missions tend to be the easiest missions featured in this truck game.

Monster Truck Maniac is a fun distance game, although it can be frustrating at times. If you need to take a break, feel free to do so; you'll be able to continue your progress if you come back. If you are a fan of physics games, truck games, or distance games, then you will enjoy Monster Truck Maniac!