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Monster Truck Maniac 2 Instructions

Have you played driving and truck games before? Yeah? If you have, playing Monster Truck Maniac 2 should be a piece of cake for you. Played for the most part with the arrow keys (and sometimes needs your mouse), it takes just a little bit of practice to get a hang of this game: (1) Move to the left or right direction using your left and right arrow keys. (2) Your mouse, on the other hand, is for aiming and firing. Move it to adjust your aim and fire away with the left click button. As for tweaking those ramps, adjust them by clicking and dragging with the left click button. That's about it for the controls. Now, let's have a closer look at the game.

Monster Truck Maniac 2 Walkthrough

It looks better than your average truck games. It's not about speed or setting the race track on fire. It's not your regular racing or truck game - this is Monster Truck Maniac 2! If you are on the hunt for racing games... games where the only challenge is to finish ahead of everyone, then this game is NOT for you. You may want to check others. While it does showcase a track and a race track, it is unique and its uniqueness doesn't really include the fact that you are driving a truck to race... and that's one of the game's biggest strengths.

If you are playing racing and truck games on the internet, game after game, you are given the same format. The games have the same premise and the same rules. True, they may feel and look different (thanks to graphics and design) BUT that's not really enough to set one apart from the rest. This is one of those truck games that break the mold by giving you something completely different. One of the best things about Monster Truck Maniac 2 is that it keeps you on your toes. It's one of those truck games that's hard to get bored with... and once you get on the roll, it's hard to stop. And that's NOT surprising since you will do something different in every level you play. Instead of one long and boring game, Monster Truck Maniac 2 is more of a collection of mini games mashed up together.

When you start playing Monster Truck Maniac 2, you don't have that much in the 'options and customization department'. You get to pick the type of truck you want to drive (you can choose a pick up style truck or a van style one) and that's just about it. Looking closely, they don't really perform differently so you can just pick whichever looks better for you and you are good to go. Once that is out of the way, you get to select the color, which is (again) not really a HUGE factor in truck games like Monster Truck Maniac 2. Just pick which one you like and move forward. If you are the sort of truck games enthusiast who loves spending more time in the virtual racing pit and automobile / truck shop to beef up your ride rather than racing and driving more, this may not appeal to you.

As you move forward in the game, you will unlock brand new and different styles for your vehicle as well as new color options. You will unlock the colors first. When a screen pops up and tells you that you have unlocked a new color, just click on it to apply it on your vehicle. You can choose to keep the old color by doing nothing. Just click next and your truck will retain its real color.

After choosing the style and color for your vehicle in Monster Truck Maniac 2, just hit the Menu button. From there, you can pick Missions or Games. Missions are based on different challenges and, in my opinion, pack MORE and purer doses of fun than the former. Once you get a mission rolling, you will be given the objective for that mission. For you to unlock the next task, you should achieve the objective for your current challenge. While the tasks and challenges are different, one thing is for sure and constant, the next mission is a notch or two harder than the one before it. There are 2 different mission types in this truck game - there are factory and country missions, and both of them have 12 different challenges and levels to play through.

The missions you will find in the Factory are different from the Country missions... and this is good! That means you can play through 12 different missions in both modes (with a total of 24 missions / tasks) and you won't get bored or feel repetitive. What I really like about the structure of this game is that it forces and challenges you to think and plan out a strategy. Moreover, it forces you to be flexible as you need to change your 'battle plan' each time you start a new mission. Here's an example: one of the mission in the factory mode needs you to drive your truck off platforms so you can drop off at a height of at least 1000 feet before your truck disappears from the top of the screen. This requires you to be quick and to avoid getting stuck on any of the platforms. Mine levels, on the other hand, have different objectives and they present a new challenge. You need to hit a specific amount or number of mines. Oh! One simple tip: read the information screen before you start at a mission. I know, I know. Most gamers, like you and me, want to spend less time reading and more time playing. BUT reading is necessary here... PERIOD!

The missions in Country Mode are much harder than the Factory Missions as they require you to use your mouse. While both of the mission types are difficult, they are difficult in different ways. If you want mini games that require quick reaction time and lightning quick reflexes and fingers, you will love the factory missions. If you want mini games that require more thinking and planning though, Country mode will surely appeal to you. Whichever way you go, however, you are bound to have a heck lot of fun!

I know all this talk about Monster Truck Maniac 2 got you all giddy and excited about the game. So let's not talk any further... click on the game and play now to see what I'm talking about!