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Monster Truck Maniac 3 Instructions

If you have played racing and truck games before, getting started and rolling with Monster Truck Maniac 3 should be a piece of cake for you. This is one of those truck games that is played entirely with the arrow keys of your keyboard: (1) to drive forward, press the right arrow key. (2) To back up a bit, hit the left arrow key. There are some levels in the game that requires you to use the up and down arrow key. My advice? Read the description and instructions for every level you play. I know gamers are not huge fans of reading BUT that is needed here. Anyway, let's have a closer look at the game!

Monster Truck Maniac 3 Walkthrough

Fans of the truck games, especially the lovers of Monster Truck Series, it's time to rejoice! The third installment of Monster Truck Maniac is here... and this is, undoubtedly, the best in the series. Continuing in the same addictive vein that the first 2 Monster Truck Games have started, the third installment comes at you with 12 absorbing mini-games as well as 32 levels with different missions to take on. Divided into four different worlds that you need to unlock, this is definitely one of those truck games that will keep you on your toes for the hours to come!

It's hard to be disappointed with this game. The 32 levels 12 unique mini games that the game showcases take you to different settings. In some levels, you need to land on bombs to give you that skyward and forward boost and reach the mission's distance objective. Some of the levels, on the other hand, require you to ride on slippery ice bergs on a perilous BUT exciting trip to the finish line. There are levels that require you to jump over lava or you will end up getting toast, and those are just to name a few!

While the mini games and levels have different missions and objectives, the overall or general goal of the game is quite straightforward and easy to understand: you need to get your truck over tough and dangerous obstacles. By flying as far and as high as possible, you get to set the HIGHEST score... and of course, gain some bragging rights in the process as the best Monster Truck Maniac 3 player there is. What I really like about the game is that it makes an otherwise regular truck game exciting by forcing you to be on your toes with the mini games and different missions. Let's not sugarcoat things - many of the truck games you will find in the internet are as bland or as dull as it could get. They slap new graphics and designs, which could do a good job of giving a new look or feel to the game. BUT the challenge, the premise, and rules are all the same. I don't know about you BUT that's not my definition of fun. Monster Truck Maniac 3, with its different levels and mini games, does a good job of making a regular challenge something to write home and be happy about.

The Obstacles Are Randomized: Are you the sort of gamer who likes to 'memorize' the terrain so that, after going through and failing the same level enough times, you can predict with 100 percent accuracy what comes up next? Yeah? Well, you are in for a challenge with Monster Truck Maniac 3. The obstacles in this game are randomized. For example: in the second challenge where you need to jump and land on bombs or mines to get a boost and move skyward and forward until you reach 400 meters, the location of the bombs are different each time you try it. On your first try, the bombs may look and feel evenly spaced... making it easy for you to jump and land from one bomb to another. BUT if you fail that, don't expect that the bombs will have the same layout or spacing on your next try. You may find that the spacing has changed drastically; that some of the bombs are clustered VERY closely, and those are just some of the changes you will notice.

Randomization of the game's obstacles is really something to be happy about. It makes it exciting; it forces you to think on your feet, etc. HOWEVER, I have a quibble: there are times when the obstacles and platforms you need to jump on or over are placed in a way that makes it next to impossible to beat. I had countless WTF moments where I was left scratching my head... where, for example, the bombs are placed so far apart that, no matter how good I'm at with truck games or how good and fast my reflexes are, I just won't make it to the other side of the screen. BUT hey, that's not much of a problem. You have unlimited tries or lives so you shouldn't worry too much about failing a couple of times.

Summing things up, I'm giving Monster Truck Maniac 3 HIGH marks, especially in the fun department. The 32 levels, 12 mini games, and 4 worlds do a good job of keeping the challenges and missions fresh. The randomization of the obstacles REALLY takes the fun to the next level. Give the game a shot and see what I'm talking about.