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Monster Truck Trials Instructions

Monster Truck Trials is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key is used to accelerate, the down arrow key is used to brake and to reverse, and the left and right arrow keys are used to rotate your truck in the respective direction. The spacebar is held to activate your nitro boost.

Monster Truck Trials Walkthrough

Monster Truck Trials is a truck game that puts you in the role of a monster truck test driver. This game features simple controls, addicting gameplay, and four different challenges!

Monster Truck Trials features four challenges. There is no way to lose in this truck game, but there is also no way to explicitly win. You will automatically progress to the next stage regardless of your performance in the previous challenge. Your objective is simply to get as high of a score as possible in each trial.

The first trial in Monster Truck Trials is the High Jump Challenge. The objective here is to jump as high into the air as possible. You are given one minute to make multiple jumps and set your highest jump record. The higher that you jump, the more points that you will be rewarded when the level ends. In order to jump high, it is best to back up a bit at the start, then zoom forward while activating your nitro boost (by holding down the spacebar). You will then launch off of a circular ramp in the middle of the arena. Repeat this process and jump as high as you can before time runs out!

The second trial in this truck game is the Flip Challenge. Point are rewarded for performing flips while you are in the air. Repeat the same process that you did in the High Jump Challenge in order to get air, and use the left and right arrow keys to rotate your truck while airborne. The more degrees that you rotate your truck while airborne, the more points that you will score. Just be sure to land squarely on your wheels, because if you have a bad landing or crash into a wall, your flip will not count.

The third challenge in Monster Truck Trials is the Long Jump Challenge. Unlike the previous two challenges in this truck game, the Long Jump Challenge will reset your truck at the beginning of the course after each jump. The course will begin with you driving over a concrete hump which is followed by a ramp. I advise slowly driving over the hump to get to the ramp, then slightly backing up once on the ramp before accelerating forward with your nitro boost. As in the previous challenge, you will have to be sure that your truck lands upright if you want your jump to count.

The final challenge in Monster Truck Trials is the Time Challenge. The objective here is to complete the course in as short of a time as possible. I found this task to be impossible, since the developers decided to take away the nitro boost on this level of the truck game, and I did not have enough power to surmount the first staircase.

Monster Truck Trials is a fun and challenging truck game that is great for fans of casual games. Challenge yourself and best your personal records in Monster Truck Trials!