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Offroad Madness Instructions

Offroad Madness is controlled by using the keyboard. The up arrow key and down arrow key accelerate and brake/reverse respectively. The left and right arrow keys tilt your truck left and right. Click the "X" in the upper-right corner of the screen to pause the game.

Offroad Madness Walkthrough

Offroad Madness is a truck game (SUV game, actually) that puts you in a race against time. Offroad Madness features awesome background music, three photo-realistic vehicles to choose from, and ten challenging courses to complete.

The objective of Offroad Madness is to complete each level before time runes out. As you complete levels, additional levels and vehicles will be unlocked. Although four vehicles are displayed, you may only choose between the first three in this version of the truck game. I advise choosing the yellow SUV (the first vehicle to the left) since the space between its front and back wheels makes it easier to balance. Your progress is automatically saved upon the completion of each stage, so any vehicles or stages that you unlock will be accessible the next time that you play the game.

Offroad Madness uses a keyboard control scheme common in similar truck games. The up and down arrow keys are used to drive forwards and backwards respectively. The left and right arrow keys rotate your truck. Rotation is important to cross sloped terrain and avoid crashing. Make fine-tuned movements when tilting your truck to keep both wheels on the ground and avoid crashing. If you crash, you will have to continue the stage for the last checkpoint that you passed. The clock will still be ticking, so it is in your best interests not to crash at all!

Performing tricks such as flips or wheelies does not earn points in Offroad Madness. In fact, doing so puts you at a greater risk of crashing. The way to earn points in this truck game is to complete the level as quickly as possible with time to spare. Collect clock icons to increase the amount of time that you have at your disposal and potentially increase the time remaining, and thus the bonus points rewarded, at the end of the level. Finally, take it slow to complete each level. If you collect clock icons, you will have more than enough time to reach the finish; speeding through the course is a good way to crash.

Offroad Madness may not have upgrades, tricks, or dozens of vehicles to choose from, but it is a solid and challenging truck game. It is possible to complete Offroad Madness in less than an hour, but if you cannot beat it in one sitting, remember that your progress is saved and you can continue at a later time!