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Offroaders Instructions

Offroaders is controlled by using the keyboard. Use the up and down arrow keys to accelerate and to brake respectively and the left and right arrow keys to steer (the corresponding WASD keys may also be used). The spacebar is used to activate your boost and the C key deploys your handbrake.

Offroaders Walkthrough

Offroaders is a truck game developed by turboNuke, makers of the CycloManiacs series. Unlike CycloManiacs which was more of a cartoonish, wacky racing game, Offroaders is a more traditional racing game, in some ways similar to the 1989 racing game, Ivan 'Ironman' Stewart's Super Off Road.

The objective of Offroaders is to place in the top three of each race. There are ten tracks featured in this racing game. In order to unlock the next track in the series, you will have to finish in third place or better, with the exception of the final track which requires you to finish all of the prior tracks in first place. A skilled player can most likely complete this truck game in less than two hours, but your progress is automatically saved, so you can continue from where you left off should you need to take a break.

In Offroaders, money is earned by collecting dollar signs ($) found on the track and by completing races. The better your place at the end of the race, the more cash you will be rewarded. This money can be used to unlock new vehicles before the next race. Each vehicles has its own characteristics such as weight, engine power, grip, and more. The truck that works best for you depends on your style of play and the track that you are racing on. For example, a truck with high engine and boost rating works well on a track with a lot of straight segments, while a truck with good grip would be the proper choice for a curvy track.

Although Offroaders is presented from an isometric perspective, those familiar with the general "rules" of top-down racing games should have no problems with this game. Avoid collisions at all times; one bad collision can cause you to fall from first place to dead last! When passing opponents and making turns, try to stay on the inside of the track. Using your handbrake is also useful when making sharp turns, since it allows you to turn within the typical turning radius of your truck and avoid colliding with the sides of the track.

Offroaders may not be as zany as other turboNuke creations, but it is still a fun truck game. If you are a fan of arcade-style racing games, then you will enjoy Offroaders!