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Offroaders 2 Instructions

Offroaders 2 is controlled by using the keyboard. The up and down arrow keys accelerate and brake respectively. The left and right arrow keys steer your vehicle. Hold the X key to activate your nitro boost.

Offroaders 2 Walkthrough

Offroaders 2 is another amazing racing game from the master developer, TurboNuke. This truck game features ten new tracks, nine vehicles to choose from, and twenty-seven achievements.

As is the case with mot racing games, the main goal of Offroaders 2 is to win races. You will have to finish in first, second, or third place in order to unlock the next track. The better your finish position, the more money you will earn. In turn, more money allows you to upgrade your vehicle or purchase new vehicles and improve your performance.

In this racing game your driving skills will be more important than any upgrade that you can buy, however. You should always try to make your turns on the inside of the track to surpass AI-controlled opponents, and use your nitro boost on straight sections of the track. If you need to replenish your nitro supply, you can collect stars to do so, but you should not try to collect them if you will have to go out of your way to do so. Finally, despite the name of the game, you should try to keep your vehicle on the track in Offroaders 2, as driving off-road will slow you down trmendously.

Offroaders 2 may not be the most unique Flash game on the Web, but it is fun and addictive. If you enjoy arcade-style racing games, then be sure to give it a spin!