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Road Devil Instructions

The control scheme of Road Devil is as straightforward as it could get. If you have played truck games before, it shouldn't take long for you to get a hang of Road Devil's controls: (1) Press the right arrow key to drive forward and hold it down to accelerate. (2) On the other hand, if you need to slow down, press the left arrow key. Holding this button down backs up your truck. That's about everything you need to remember as far as the controls of Road Devil is concerned. Now, let's have a closer look at the game...

Road Devil Walkthrough

Road Devil - what are the things that immediately come to mind when you hear such a game title? Perhaps you are expecting a racing game... one that is fast paced. Maybe you are thinking of a game that puts a premium on speed and setting the road on fire. Perhaps Road Devil is a racing game with a WRC-like setting. Maybe there are pit stops along the way where you can buy upgrades and speed boosts. Alas! Road Devil is anything BUT intense and fast paced. It's a slow truck game where your mission is to deliver your goods to the finish line / unloading zone!

Well, while you can choose to drive fast and perhaps set the road on fire, that's not a very good way to play the game. You are carrying some precious cargo that needs to get to the unloading zone. That's NOT a problem. BUT here's what: apparently, nobody knows how to tie down the cargo to keep them in place as you travel. Now that IS a problem! And here's the BIGGER problem: the road you will travel through is anything but smooth. Filled with ups and downs and dangerous terrain, racing through the game is a surefire way to (1) crash or flip your truck or (2) end up losing all of your cargo.

Coming at you with 19 levels that are increasing in difficulty, this is one of those truck games that can keep you busy for an hour or so depending on how good or bad you are at it. The terrains get more and more hostile and the levels get longer the farther you are into the game. BUT don't worry - there are upgrades you can buy to tip the game's flow into your favor. There are upgrades for speed, balance, and top speed. Each of the upgrades has 3 levels that are increasing in terms of price and efficiency. As long as you have the cash for it, you can buy upgrades just by clicking them. You get to earn money by finishing a level depending on how many crates made it to the unloading zone. Don't just let your cash sit there. You won't be able to withdraw it anyway so why not use all of it to beef up your ride?

Just One Tip: If I can give you only one tip, this would be it: keep your eyes on the road and on the signs. The signs give you hints as to what terrain is ahead of you. There is one exception though - the exclamation mark. The exclamation mark could mean many things in the game - it could be a cliff ahead; a VERY rocky road; or it could mean you are just meters away from the finish line. In any case, you better take extra care when you see a road sign. While this game is NOT what it sounds to be (I'm sure you are expecting something else from the title), this is still a good truck game to play especially when you are bored to death.