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Shadow Factory Instructions

If you have played side-scrolling driving and truck games before, the controls of Shadow Factory should be a piece of cake to handle. Just like most truck games out there, all you need is your keyboard - use the up arrow keys to move forward. The left and right arrow keys, on the other hand, are for tilting and keeping your truck in a balanced position. If you need to brake or slow down though, just press the down arrow key to get the job done. As for bouncing, which is especially useful when you are stuck, press the X button. Some tips with the X button: (1) Accelerate by holding down the up arrow key and hit the X button to jump off of a vertical wall. (2) When you need to climb up the stairs or if you every get stuck, just hit the X button to wriggle your way out. The objective of this game is straightforward: do everything you can to find and inch your way through 8 levels of increasing difficulty without running out of credits.

Shadow Factory Walkthrough

On September 29, 2211 (which is so far off in the future and I bet I won't live long enough to see it), two out of five nuclear reactors in the SNP511 Plant exploded. Since then, the nuclear power plant has been closed and is off-limits to everyone... EXCEPT you. That's the story of Shadow Factory. Your mission in this game is to explore the remains of the plant and collect crucial information about the radiation levels of the plant. With 8 levels that are increasing in difficulty, this is NOT an easy task to take on.

While the game's story and mission is quite different from other truck games you will find in the internet, the control scheme of the game, as I have mentioned, is as easy as pie to learn. With a couple of minutes of practice, you should master the controls like the back of your hand. BUT that's the least of your worries in playing this truck game. You see, the ATV or small truck that you are driving has a damage bar. This is located on the top left section of the game's screen. And believe me, that bar fills up REALLY quickly especially if you are NOT careful. So how do you take damage in this truck game? Taking spills, running into obstacles, bumping into debris, and those are just some of the things that can rack up the damage that your truck has taken. It's pretty standard and it sounds like it shouldn't be an issue. BUT hey! You are at an abandoned nuclear factory / plant. And that means you will encounter debris, ruins, obstacles, and all sorts of stuff you want to avoid like plague in each and every turn.

When your bike ends up getting destroyed - and trust me, in Shadow Factory, that is bound to happen sooner or later (more like sooner) - you will be taken to a Continue Screen. Every time you restart and continue where you left off, 2000 credits are taken off of you, that's the cost of a new bike. After five tries, you will run out of money... and your dreams of finishing the game are out of the window. My advice? Since you are going through 8 different levels, you should try to survive and be careful... especially when you step into the MORE difficult levels. Summing things up, Shadow Factory is a unique truck game that you need to spend some time with if you are thinking about beating it. It's a game where being careful is paramount, one where speed takes the sidelines as being too fast can hurt you more often than not in this game. Pay attention to every obstacle, take your time, rinse and repeat - do that and you'll beat the game.