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As far as control schemes go, this truck game has the easiest if you'd ask me. The whole game is played, for the most part, with your keyboard. Initially, you just need to hold down the right arrow / cursor key and see how far your truck will go. Just be careful not to bore a hole in your keyboard. Moving on, once you have the rocket upgrade (and upgrades are ESSENTIAL in this game), you need to press space bar button to activate it. And once you have the portable bomb upgrade, just use your mouse, move the bomb where you want it, hit the left click button, and get that much needed boost just when your speed and momentum is about to die. OK, that's about it for the controls. Let's have a closer look at the game.

Truck Launch Maniac Walkthrough

OK, first things first, this is NOT Monster Truck Maniac. True, it does have a lot of similarities especially in the 'looks and feel department' BUT as you will see later, Truck Launch Maniac is a different beast. The author admits that this is a spin-off of the said game BUT we can only be glad that we don't have to fork real dough to get the full version. Again, this is not Monster Truck Maniac 3... this is Truck Launch Maniac!

As you can tell from the title, this is about launching a red truck into mid air... and buying all sorts of stuff to keep it there. At first, you will start off with a slow moving truck with hexagon wheels. And believe me, it's excruciatingly slow! To gain some speed and momentum, you need to launch it through a ramp. Well, it doesn't give much in terms of speed and momentum, which means you don't get to cover much distance. Distance, by the way, determines how much you score and how much you earn. The more distance you cover, the more points and cash you bag. While using your hexagon-wheeled truck won't get you far, you can go through the level over and over and over again... which means, at one point, you get to upgrade your ride. And this is where the fun starts!

Upgrades: When it comes to upgrades, this game has a HECK LOT! You can change the wheels, replace your rusty ramp with a coaster ramp, buy some fireworks or rocket boost for your ride, and those are just to name a few. Having played the game, my advice is to get rid of those hexagon-wheels FIRST... PERIOD. I mean, come on! There has to be a reason why BIG time car and truck companies don't use hexagon wheels (simply because they suck!). So get rid of those wheels and replace them with something that helps. There different level of upgrades. With the wheels, for example, the first level of upgrade gives you round wheels - nothing more, nothing less. When you have more dough to fork, however, you can grab bouncier wheels. Or if your pocket is overflowing with cash, you can go for wheels that have those shiny mags and better control. And lastly, to top all of those other wheels, you can buy one that would set the road on fire (metaphorically by the way).

After the wheel upgrades, you can go for whatever you like. Personally, I want to keep my truck airborne for as long as possible. That said, the fireworks / rocket upgrades are my personal favorites. These upgrades allow you to fly up and forward for a limited amount of time. The firework, the most basic in the bunch, is good enough to cover a couple of hundreds of meters. It's followed by the safe rocket (safe maybe because it's not too big?), the super-sized rocket which allows you to cover about 1500+ meters, and lastly, there's the dual super-sized rocket which doubles the super-sized rocket's air time and distance.

From there, just do whatever you want or whatever floats your boat. You can buy a better ramp. If you think reducing your car's weight and making it bouncy is the key to success, you can also go that route. You can buy twigs, logs, etc. that would take down a certain number of sign posts. Sign posts, by the way, slow you down significantly when you bump them so this upgrade is definitely recommended. Bottom line, there's enough upgrades in the game to keep you busy!

Oh! I have talked A LOT about upgrades BUT haven't mentioned anything about the game's goal: well, the game only has one level and your objective is to complete all of the achievements... which you is impossible to do without the upgrades. All in all, there are 8 achievements to shoot for. There is an award for reaching outer space with your truck; an award for covering 20,000 meters in one run; an award for collecting golden coins; there's an upgrade for being clumsy and knocking 50 sign posts; and those are just to name a few.

'BUT after unlocking all of those achievements, what's in store for me?' you might ask. Well, there's a "Super Mystery Prize" (publisher and developer hype ?) that you get to unlock.

Summing things up, if you are looking for an addicting truck game - one that looks A LOT like Monster Truck Maniac; one that can keep you glued in your monitor and seat; one that is beefed up with upgrades and achievements, look no further. Truck Launch Maniac is EXACTLY what you are looking for!