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While this game is classified as a truck game, I don't think this is a strictly a truck game. It's a shooting game and truck game hybrid BUT I'm more inclined to call it the former. With that in mind, the controls of Zombie truck is quite different from your average truck games. More than 70 percent of the time, you will be shooting down zombies in this game and you do that with your mouse: (1) Move your mouse and the gun's cursor / scope and aim for the zombie. (2) Press the left click button to shoot. (3) Rinse and repeat until that zombie is ripped to shreds. Now, you will still interact with the truck. BUT that's pretty limited to pressing the right arrow key to go forward and speed up, and press the left arrow key to back off. As for the sound effects and music, there are no options menu in this game BUT you can easily switch them off or switch them back off by clicking on the Sound FX and Music located on the top right corner of the game's screen. OK, now that we are done with the controls, let's get on with the more exciting part: shooting down zombies!

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The sky is pitch black and you are somewhere within the Mexican border. With rumbling tummies, you and your brother decided to take a stop at a nearby bar to grab something to eat and drink - a bar that stinks BADLY. As it turns out, the bartender along with the rest of the gals and guys inside the bar are zombies. YES, and they too have rumbling tummies and have decided to take their snacks - you! With your truck and your tried and tested rifle, you need to fend off these hordes of zombies as your brother drives the truck to find a safe place to hide.

You will be up against all sorts of abominable creatures here. First off, we have the regular zombies you encounter all the time. Aiming for their head takes them out really quickly. Then, there are the zombie vultures - coming with different sizes! While the damage they deal is quite minimal compared to other enemies, they will munch on you if you let them. Unlike zombies who leap into your vehicle, deal damage, then die after you run over them, these vultures will stay their unless you shoot them. Not to mention they attack in packs of 2, 3, or MORE! Along with that, there are also undead dogs with their flesh sticking out of their backs. These guys are very hard to take out... especially in the early stages of the game when you only have a pistol to ward them off.

HOWEVER, don't worry - there are weapon and vehicle upgrades that will aid you greatly in taking out enemies. I really like the Mower Upgrade. This thing allows you to run over zombies and undead... and you won't take any damage in the process. The Ladle Upgrade, on the other hand, decreases the damage you take from walking undead and zombies by a whopping 50 percent. You can also buy additional armor and health for your truck. By the way, you can have a maximum of 250 HP for your truck. As for firepower, you can buy upgrades that would increase the damage of your pistol. You can grab a shotgun that should easily take care of the tougher enemies, and if you have the money for it, why not go for an AK-47? Or, here's an even better option, grab a friend (YES, money can buy friends...shooting friends to be precise, in this game) who would shoot down zombies and guard your rear from attacks.

Overall, this is a nice combination of truck games and shooting games. I like the result!