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Zoo Transport Instructions

While it requires both your mouse and your keyboard to play (unlike other truck games that need ONLY your keyboard to play), the control scheme of Zoo Transport is easy to handle. It should only take a couple of minutes of practice to master it like the back of your hand. The mouse is for dragging and dropping the crates on the loading and unloading zones in the game. While there are buttons you can click to control the car, the arrow keys are more suited for basic movement. Use the left and right arrow keys to drive your car forward and backward. That's about it for the controls. Now let's have a closer look at the game...

Zoo Transport Walkthrough

The truck and the penguin - you would hardly see them working hand in hand... at least until now! Yes folks, in Zoo Transport created by Tanoku, you get to play as a penguin transporter. Nah, not the 'Jason Statham' type who kicks butt while getting his dangerous cargo from one spot to another. In Zoo Transport, you get to use your flippers to load your BIG red truck with live animals who are ready for delivery to the nearest zoo. The objective of the game is pretty straightforward and simple to understand. Just like other truck games out there, you need to transport your cargo to the finish line. In this case, you need to help the penguin transport company to ship animals unscathed.

To start off, you need to stack your crates on the truck bed using your mouse and you need to drive with the left and right arrow keys. What if one of them falls off from your truck? Well, it doesn't matter what the reason is. It could be due to your driving that sucks big time, it could be due to bad and uneven terrain... it doesn't matter. You need to go back to the loading docks and pick them up again. Getting the live animals from one point to another could be a BIGGER challenge for some than for others especially when you consider that there are animals that are smaller or bigger than the crates. Some of them even have certain requirements for the method of transport.

Looking at the top of the screen, you will find the number of crates you need to deliver at the nearest zoo. The not-so-nice fact here in this truck game is that you cannot drop off more troublesome animals and go back for the others. Nah, that doesn't work here. It's all or nothing - you have to deliver all of them at once or start over again. If you arrive at the unloading zone of the zoo with less than ALL of the animals, you will fail the level.

Have you seen any transporting company that doesn't use some bungee cords to tie down the cargo? I haven't. BUT the transporting company in Zoo Transport, apparently, is stupid enough not to have any of those safety bungee cords. Moreover, who said penguins are safe behind the wheels? I don't know about you BUT according to driver safety tests, koalas are far safer (I just don't know if it's because they can't get the engine started in the first place). BUT then, being safe all the time is NOT fun and exciting. Fortunately, Zoo Transport doesn't follow these safety rules... and we gamers end up with another truck game that's fun enough to keep us busy playing for quite some time. To make things even more challenging, the physics in Zoo Transport obey the cruel mistress of fate. Aside from the fact that stacking the goods are more difficult than it should be, you will find that the game moves at a more glacial pace as you slowly inch forward through hazardous and 'hard to deal with' terrain. More than once, a crate which was hanging onto the truck by a thread (and A LOT of prayers) tipped off just inches from the finish line. I ended up going all the way back for it.

While the level of difficulty of Zoo Transport exceeds those of average transport and truck games, it's still an interesting take on the physics puzzle. There are different animals that have their own criteria of movement... which means you get different puzzles and challenges. This does a good job of keeping you from just blasting through the terrain. I also want to tip my hats off for the bright and cheerful presentation of the visuals. Zoo transport requires a steady hand, BUT more importantly, it requires A LOT of patience.

If you are looking for truck games that step up the challenge and difficulty meter by a lot of notches, you may like to give Zoo Transport a shot. Just don't forget to keep one of your feet on the brakes and keep your eyes on the animals all the time... especially the monkeys who jump all the damn time!